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COLOR BOUCHEROUITE RUG ◈ 220 cm x 110 cm

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One of the characteristics of boucherouites is that there is no classic pattern or design ! They are made of pieces of recycled textiles. It is the most free style in terms of weaving because it holds no aesthetic code in term of designs or colours. If you turn around your boucherouite, you can see the grid of vertical black lines filled with colored triangles. This vintage rug can show some imperfections due to wear and tear. 


Composition : Tissus recyclés. 

Dimensions : 220 cm x 110 cm

Thickness : 5 cm

Maintenance : humidify the area you want to clean with luke warm soapy water and tap with a soft sponge. Dry cleaning is another option. Don’t immerse the rug.


Delivery time: 2 to 3 weeks